Pluralsight – a short review

Down at DevWeek 2013, I was given a card for one month on Pluralsight; they do video courses for all manner of programming and technology courses. 

I activated it this weekend, and drank from the firehose. I’ve gone through several courses in a really short time. In that time, I’ve also been able to cut some working code in the new tech, and shore up some existing knowledge. Here’s what I’ve figured out;

  • Sometimes, video is much faster to absorb than books. If you learn that way, give them a look.
  • The courses are comprehensive. By that I mean that I feel more ‘armed’ than than the ‘thirty minutes of tutorials and short how-to videos’ approach to learning. In that, they are like a book.
  • They seem to have courses for every buzzword; 3 on node.js, 5 on nosql, 2 on OData, 16 on Azure. And loads on the staples; 33 on SQL Server, 28 on JavaScript,  12 on iOS, 38 on ASP.NET. And 73 on SharePoint (shudder. It must need a lot of explaining…)

I’ve stuck in my credit card details because I think I’m going to benefit greatly. 

I know this is a terribly positive review. I’m not affiliated in any way. 🙂