Angular.ts – Angular and TypeScript

Just a short one, but I’ve started writing an Angular app with TypeScript.

There is a fairly big cognitive difference between the two systems. This seems to be typical of anything that works through conventional naming, and Angular.js is more full of conventions and magic strings than anything I’ve seen for a while.

This meant I had a fairly serious bit of fiddling to do to get Angular working with my TypeScript controllers. Setting up modules isn’t a terribly natural for, at least to my brain. Luckily, this guy has already walked the same ground, and has figured out some decent patterns for structuring your app. Check him out if you want Angular magic with strong typing.

Introducing; rapid graphviz development

An itch I wanted to scratch; when developing graphviz diagrams, it’s annoying to have to invoke the command-line compiler, then select the browser, then refresh;


What I wanted was just this;


So I wrote a console app which monitors a directory and compiles your `.dot` files whenever they change, producing a new `.gif` file. You can wrap it in a simple HTML page and use use LiveReload to automatically reload the gif version on every save. 

It’s on GitHub with an MIT license.