Stylesheet documentation

Over in, Clare Wall points out some tools you can use to document CSS files.

I think I’ve been guilty of a certain kind of conceit in the past — presuming that CSS is a ‘toy’ language: a simple, straightforward set of constructions that should be simple to understand. And I suppose that’s been said often enough with JavaScript, but with JS it’s more obvious that it’s a general-purpose language and worthy of more respect.

But CSS is different: although the language is fairly simple, real-world stylesheets are really complex. I worked on a project recently where the CSS was doing some really heavy lifting — responsive layout, positioning shared elements like navbars, and styling page-specific elements.

So all of this makes for a complex environment. CSS deserves a bit more tooling and testing. As developers, are we short-changing designers? I’m looking forward to seeing what these CSS tools can do.