Dropbox hack; linking dropbox folders elsewhere on a disk

Dropbox is just about the best way to share files. I’ve tried things like source control, but to be honest, Dropbox just keeps things simple.

However, sometimes you need things like configuration files or data files to live in a particular space on disk, and Dropbox just doesn’t let you sync files in multiple places. Here’s how you can use symbolic links in windows to counterbalance that.

Here’s the example. I use some PowerShell scripts for building software. PowerShell scripts needs to live in

    <my documents>\WindowsPowerShell

So, I store them in


And then create a symbolic link using the mklink command, like this;

    > mklink /j <my documents>\WindowsPowerShell <dropbox?\Apps\WindowsPowerShell

That is, you specify the new directory first, and the existing directory second. And that’ll give you a folder that appears to be outside dropbox, but which syncs using dropbox.

Now you can do that on multiple PCs and share any number of folders between any number of machines

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