Poor Man’s T-SQL Formatter Addin: Useful for devs!

A bit of love for the Poor Man’s T-SQL Formatter addin to MSSQL Management Studio. Allows you to reformat any query window in Management Studio to apply a consistent format. Really nice ‘starter for ten’, letting you clean up a batch of SQL after a hacking session. Why not look just that little bit more professional, for free?

insert into dbo.ItemBase ([Id],[Name] ,[Modified] ,[Created] ,[EntityStatus]) 
select [Id] ,[Name] ,[Modified] ,[Created] ,[EntityStatus]
from dbo.MyTable

to this;

INSERT INTO dbo.ItemBase (
FROM dbo.MyTable

NB: I’ve not tried the Visual Studio addin, just the MSSQL one. I just thought I’d keep things a bit cleaner. It might work brilliantly, but I’ve not tried it.

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