Prerelease Feature — Automatically-generated help

Search NuGet for the WebAPI test client (Search `testclient` and make sure you allow prerelease software) and you’ll add a really rather sexy feature to your site. It’s an automatic help generator for your site, so that if you go to `http://myapp/help` you get an HTML site allowing you to see all your URLs, their formats, what methods and parameters they take. It also allows you to execute the methods, giving you an in-browser form for building requests. In a recent project, I built something similar — I recognised the need — but this is just miles ahead of mine.

This is something I’ve only seen in a demo, but it looks like a very sweet addition to your site, at least in debug mode. It means you should be able to write a method then see it work in the browser without having to build a ‘proper’ client for it. Unlike the familiar testing pattern where you new up a controller and execute its methods, this tests the whole architecture of your site, including all the serious bits you need to test about model binding, error handling, etc.

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