Hosting personal projects in TFS online

I’ve been using TFS at work for a while, and I like it. Turns out you can sign up for a free TFS account with Microsoft here;

Which is pretty good going. I could use something else, but I’ve tried using different stacks and it’s always been more hassle than it’s worth. You can’t quite get ‘fluent’ when you’re working on two very similar stacks. (Six months coding C# during the day and VB at night, and you’ll forget how to write ‘if’ statements)

Additionally, it’s not just source control, but also the Scrum methodology, so you can do sprint planning and all that jazz.

Anyway, I think this’ll go well. Let’s see.

2 thoughts on “Hosting personal projects in TFS online

    • The problem is that I’m using TFS at work — that means I’m getting ‘fluent’ with using TFS. Switching between TFS and git is just a bit of mental gear-shifting that I want to avoid.

      When I was writing Ariadne, I stared it in VB, but at work we switched to C#. For a while, I was knocking back and forth between the two languages. It did my noggin in. So I bought a VB-to-C# converter and migrated the project. It made my head work again 😉

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